In Need of a New Roof or Roof Replacement?

The roof covers the upmost portion of your home and is designed to improve the appeal & structural integrity all while preventing harsh weather and moisture from entering the residence. The materials and design of a roof vary from building to building and are dependent on the purpose the roof serves. In Calgary and Vancouver, the majority of residential roofs are sloped roofs with asphalt shingles. Though asphalt roofing is popular our roofing crews are experienced in all roofing systems including rubber, metal, wood, stone & tile guaranteeing that your home has the best roofing system available for your home.

At Aico Exteriors, we specialize in roof repairs, installations and replacements no matter your roofing needs we are able to accommodate. We work 365 days a year and are able to extend our roofing services in every season.

Quality Roofing Products

We use only the highest quality roofing products from a number of premium suppliers.

Timely Installs

A roof with Aico Exteriors is always done properly and efficiently, and we are sure to meet our strict deadlines.

Experienced Crew

Our experienced roofers have spent years in the industry, their knowledge transcends to their workmanship.

Free Roof Inspections

Does your roof require repair or replacement? All of our roofing inspections are free and provide and accurate scope of work.

Roof Replacement

An asphalt shingle roof should last a home 10-15 years before it requires a replacement. At Aico exteriors, we work on numerous roof replacements every year, ensuring we deliver the best roofing services available. A home or business owner is able to determine if their residence requires a re-roof or roof replacement by seeing if shingles are curling or missing, moss is growing on the roof, interior of the home has ceiling leaks, chimney or valley flashing is open or if the roofing system is older than 15 years.

We are able to complete the majority of our roofing projects in a day or two and we accommodate the needs of each customer to ensure it is done right and in a timely manner.

Roof Repair

If your roof has leaks or damages but does not require a full replacement all that is needed is a roof repair. Our meticulous inspection process will determine the severity of damages and the needed repairs, proper maintenance and upkeep is needed to maintain the longevity and structural integrity of your roof.

If your home has leaks or has recently been damaged by weather contact us for roof repair services.


New Construction Roofing

Residential and commercial construction projects that require roofing experts can trust the professionalism and dependability of Aico Exteriors. Our new roof installation process works with the building owners and general contractor to provide the highest roofing standards. Our experience working with a number of trades and construction crews enables us to be an effective building partner for any new construction project.

Commercial Roofing

Aico Exteriors provides a wide variety of professional commercial roofing services. If you are a business or building owner and require commercial roofing installation or repair we are able to help. With experience in flat, metal and sloped roofing we are able to assess manage and install any medium to large scale project.