From Roofing to Siding AICO Exteriors Has All Of Your Exterior Needs Covered!

Why use AICO Exteriors?

A home is often the largest investment a person will make, that is why it is important to not trust just any company with the responsibility of maintaining this investment. Even though many contractors will low-ball a bid for a project it is vital to ensure you have the company that best represents your home. At AICO Exteriors we make sure you home or business has the best exteriors for your needs and budget.

Trust a roofer or siding expert that truly cares, with AICO you will always get quality service and expert advice. Our crew has been installing siding, roofing, windows & doors for decades, so we understand the time and dedication each project needs. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate!

Quality Products

We use only the best siding & roofing products available.

Professional Installation

All of our crews are professional, experienced trades people.

Honest Estimates

Our free estimates are honest with no hidden costs.

Exteriors That Last

We use proper & durable installation techniques.


Asphalt, Tile or Cedar Roofing

When considering a roofing contractor it is important to ensure they are insured, bonded and have the necessary skills to install the proper roofing system for your home. AICO exteriors hires only the best roofers, we have experience with all types of roofing systems from Asphalt & Shingle roofing, to Slate & Tile and even Wood Shake.

The majority of roofing projects are completed within the day, and it is our obligation to maintain the sanctity of your property. That is why we always apply tarps and leave the property the same if not better then when we left it.


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New or Replacement Siding

Whether your home requires siding repair or replacement AICO Exteriors has all of your siding needs covered. We work with each home or business owner to choose the right siding system for their home. Making sure we are using the proper colours, products and installation we are able to provide a flawless exterior every time.

Using only the best products we ensure the longevity of our siding. Often siding is a persons first impression of a home, make sure your siding leaves the proper impression. Contact AICO Exteriors today!



Gutters, Eavestroughs Soffit & Fascia

The homes eavestroughs and gutters often go over looked, it is important to keep the gutters clean and properly maintained to prevent water damage to the home. At AICO Exteriors we understand eavestroughs, weather its maintenance or installation our team is able to provide the highest standard of service.

The Soffit & Fascia underlining of the roof or gutter system adds a subtle improvement to a homes outward appearance. We make sure to match the eaves, soffit & fascia to the homes decor and colouring, adding to the character and appearance of each home.



Front Doors, Garage Doors & Windows

At AICO Exteriors we take care of the whole home exterior, and that includes the installation of windows and doors. Using the best suppliers available we install each window to the home owners desired lighting, glare & energy efficiency.

Making sure your windows and doors are the right product and installed correctly could save hundreds on the homes heating and electrical bills. That is why it is important to make sure you have the windows and doors that are best suited for your unique home.

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Providing Alberta & BC Quality Exteriors

We are constanly looking for ways to not only grow as a company, but also better serve our customers and the community. We are proud of our work and active involvement in both Calgary & Vancouver.

We Do More Then Just Great Exteriors!

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Our Services


We can all admit to the comfort of having a good roof over your head. That is why AICO Exteriors always provides quality roofing services. We have all of your roofing needs covered from repair to replacement. Our unique roofing installation methods are designed to be durable and look beautiful on your home. We make sure to match the proper shingles for your homes decor.

When a home owner receives roofing services from AICO Exteriors they know they are getting a better roof. Our clients can rest assured knowing that they have the right roofing system for their home and that it was installed properly.



The proper professionally installed siding can add an incomparable lasting aesthetic appeal to any home. With siding often being a persons first impression of a home it is important that the siding not only looks good but has the best functionality. A well done siding job can greatly increase the value of a home, that is why it is important to make sure your siding is installed by professionals.

At AICO Exteriors we can help with any siding product, whatever siding product you have mind, we can help you get the look that you want and the functionality your home needs.


From Roofing to Siding AICO Exteriors Has All Of Your Exterior Needs Covered!


Eavestroughs as well as other gutter systems are designed to divert rain water away from the home to prevent damages from occurring. Not having your gutter system properly installed can lead to severe damages to a home. Our professional installers understand that the systematic purpose of the gutters is to prevent damages to the foundation of a residence.

At AICO Exteriors we examine the property to create the system that will best suit your home or businesses needs. With years of experience we are able to not only have great gutter system, but make sure it improves the overall look and appearance of the home.


Windows & Doors

Aico Exteriors uses a number of great local window and door manufacturers to ensure each of our exterior projects are done perfect to the final detail. We ensure that we instal the proper window and door system for the unique climates and conditions each home is situated in. Making sure that the functionality and appearance of the windows and doors match the rest of the homes exteriors. We use industry leading products and methods to make sure each exterior is completed to operate at the highest energy efficiency levels.


From Roofing to Siding AICO Exteriors Has All Of Your Exterior Needs Covered!